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Value arena canvas

Building Value Arena

A Value Arena is constructed by first identifying key Fields of Enquiry (FoE).

A range of Push Questions are used to gather data in each FoE (Push Questions do not aim to solve problems).

A Value Arena is always dynamic and continues to develop as more data us added.


Interpreting Complexity

A Value Arena represents a complex understanding of a situation. Conceptual Grouping and Centrifuge Method are adopted to make sense of this complexity, give form to the Value Arena and integrate expert judgement.


Cornerstones of Innovation

By expert, and often team-based interpretation of the developing Value Arena, critical framing factors can be identified, these are called ‘Cornerstones of Innovation’ (CoI) and are used to focus creative attention.

By careful combination of CoI a Universal Form  can be articulated, this describes the cognitive structure of the idea, focus or strategy.